Mini and Compact swimming pools

Cit-MP is a mini swimming pool for recreations. You can install yourself at your home.
You can use this swimming pool yearly.
made on stainless steel
All system are frost resistance up to -15 C (option)
price from £3,248
without delivery & install
Cit-CP - compact pool with stream jet, overflow system, fountain, led lighting and sand filter.
To install inside or outside the home.
Deep 700mm is enought for swimming or your pets training.
You can heat the water from sun or heat pump
price from £17,230
with delivery & install
swimming pool
you have a dream .....
we carry them out in a stainless steel.
for example:
swimming pool 15m x 5m
deep 1,3m
stream jet, underwater RGB lights, ladder,quartz filter
price from £93,600
with delivery

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